Middle Fork Nooksack Area

The Middle Fork of the Nooksack heads at the Deming Glacier on the west side of Mt. Baker.  Almost all the various creeks that enter the Middle Fork contain large waterfalls, including some of the best in the entire region.  There are many other waterfalls in the area that we have not had the privilege of reaching yet.  Expect that to change some time soon.  We have also included the 3 waterfalls along Racehorse Creek on this page even though the creek runs into the North Fork.

Adsaloos Falls

De Haro Falls

Halhomish Falls

Hannah's Falls

Kucadadid Falls

Lightning Falls

Lower Middle Fork Nooksack Falls

Lower Rankin Falls

Lower Thunder Falls

Lower Wallace Creek Falls

Marmot Ridge Falls

Middle Fork Nooksack Falls

Middle Rankin Falls

Middle Wallace Creek Falls

Racehorse Falls

Sisters Glacier Falls

Thunder Falls

Triple Crown Falls

Upper Adsaloos Falls 

Upper Lightning Falls

Upper Racehorse Falls

Upper Warm Creek Falls

Warm Creek Falls