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Monday, 2 February 2009
Standard Falls (Acme Area)
Most people who drive up Highway 9 near Van Zandt notice Hard Scrabble and Sygitowicz Falls coming down off the west side of the valley.  I had looked at the topo maps and I was pretty sure there was also a falls or two on Standard Creek, a little south of Hard Scrabble.  On Sunday I headed up there and investigated the creek and its very steep, imposing canyon.  I found a ton of small falls but no big one.  The largest single drop is around 35' tall.  The falls are grouped into 3 sections:  Standard Falls, Middle Standard Falls, and Lower Standard Falls.  The Lower Falls is fairly easy to reach requiring a mile walk along a logging road and then bushwhacking about 500' upstream.  This is also the prettiest of all the falls (except maybe the Middle Falls) as the rest are covered with fallen trees.  I got above the Middle Falls but never got a good view of it.  From what I could tell it is between 25-40' tall and spreads out to 10-15' wide.  I forgot my sunglasses that I use as a polarizer so my pictures are not quite as good as I would like.  I'm going to head back up in the near future for better pictures of the two tiers of the Lower Falls as well as a picture of the Middle Falls from below.  Check the site for new pages in the next couple of days.

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