Here are some links to other sites that we recommend.  Most are waterfall related, but some are not.

CLACKAMAS RIVER WATERFALL PROJECT - A cool site, similar to our Baker Waterfall Project, attempting to document every waterfall in the Clackamas River area south of Mt. Hood.

WATERFALL HUNTERS ON GOOGLE VIDEO - Videos of the Waterfall Hunters "TV Show".   Each video is around 15-20 minutes long and showcases the difficult journey into one specific waterfall.  The quality is always improving so hopefully Season 2 will be really good.  Currently there are 4 videos to enjoy with more coming this summer.  

AARON'S WATERFALL WORLD ON FLICKR - Our photo site loaded with pictures of tons of waterfalls as well as some other photos.   The falls include those one this site as well as many others that are not.

WATERFALLS OF THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST - Bryan Swan's unbelievable site documenting thousands of waterfalls throughout the Pacific Northwest.  If there is a waterfall out there, chances are he's got it on his site.   An invaluable resource for any waterfall fan.

OBI TONY KENOBI'S FLICKR SITE - Excellent pictures from the Northwest.  Most of them are Washington, but there are some from Oregon as well.

OREGON WATERFALLS - A nice site showcasing some of the waterfalls in Oregon.  There are some falls on here that aren't found on other waterfall sites.

GREF LIEF'S WATERFALL PICTURES - One of the best waterfall photographers anywhere showcases his work here.  Be sure to check it out.  You won't be disappointed.

AARON NUFFER'S WATERFALL SITE - Another excellent site with unbelievable waterfall pictures.  Aaron has a lot of falls that aren't seen on many other sites so be sure to look for those.

WATERFALL FINDER'S GUIDE - The website for Bob Mooers excellent book on NW Washington waterfalls.  He has two more books scheduled to be released in the near future too.

WATERFALL LOVER'S GUIDE TO THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST - This is the website for Greg Plumb's ground-breaking book (now in its 4th edition).  Contains tons of information and pictures including some new ones not included in his book.


AARON'S TREBUCHET PAGE - A little site showing some of the work I've done with Medieval Siege Weaponry, another hobby of mine.

NORTHWEST THEME PARK GUIDE - Before trebuchets, we were really into rollercoasters and amusement parks (still are to some degree).  My website here doesn't get updated anymore, but still contains a ton of info about the parks in the Northwest.

TAMMIE'S COASTER PIX - My wife's website with tons of great photos of rollercoasters from around the country.