DIRECTIONS - Follow the directions to Madison Falls.  Monroe Falls is located just north of Madison and can be seen from the ridge between the two falls.   It should be possible to get to the base of the falls if one was inclined to work hard enough.  (I will probably be so inclined some time in the future.) LOCATION - Day Creek area, Skagit County
TYPE - Horsetail
HEIGHT/WIDTH - 200'/10'
TYPE OF APPROACH - Extreme Bushwhack

Monroe Falls itself would probably not be worth the trip in, but since it can be seen along with 3 other falls, it's a worth while venture.  The falls themselves are not terribly impressive but are very pretty as the water runs gently down a rock face and drops right into Day Creek.  The best view would probably be had from the other side of Day Creek, not an easy task.  Next time in I will find out once and for all whether it's possible to get to the bottom of the falls or not.  This falls has a very low water volume and probably runs dry in the summer.  Consider it a bonus on your trip to Madison Falls.