The Pokemon World  Ash and Pikachu.

This is my Website!                                                       

Let me start with myself my name is Micah Young.  I have a dog named Mongo.  A sister named Samantha.  A mom named Tammie and a dad named Aaron.  When I have time I might try to make this website funner by adding alot of fun stuff!

I really enjoy animals,dinosaurs,out door activites,hunting,stalking/tracking wild animals,and playing with my family.

I am really smart and fun so Devin and Quinten(my friends from school)I hope you guys enjoy playing with me.


I also have alot of fun on Roblox.  My place is deer hunting.  My brother(fario312)his places are...Metroid,Boom Blox,Big game hunter,Mario kart,Lord of the Rings,Zelda battle ground,Zelda:Dark Link/Link dule,Pokemon,Robin Hood,and Break into the bank and steal the robux!  My other brother(micah1234) his place is War Arena!  Thats our places!  If you go on Roblox send micah1234,fario312,(they are my brothers)and me elkboy a friend request. Thanks!

For all you pokemonen/hunting fans/people i hope you enjoy this website!     If you need help huntng go to the bottom for data on how to stalk/sneak up on/wait for data.

Your probely wondering why I haven't gotton to POKEMON yet well I will NOW!

So my favorite pokemon is Lucario the AWSOME dog like pokemon.

So picture a dog in your mind all cartoony and blue.  Then make him stand up on his hind legs and his wast up is now white(except his head).

Next make a spike come out of the back of his palm and his chest.

Last make his tale blue and have a curve at the end.  All that together is LUCARIO!

Heres a picture of him now.


This is Lucario!

Lucario is very strong and powerful,so if you battle him in a pokemon game then be carfull!

So my favorite pokemon is Lucario.  My second favorite pokemon is Sceptile!  Sceptile is like a lizard on his hind legs with leaves sticking out. Then add a strait tale. After that picture Sceptile's tale with a bunch of X shaped branches in a row!(He looks kinda old!)

                                                                                                           Heres Sceptile now. 

                                        Sceptile data

Is this what you were thinking of!

Sceptile is a very intergetic,strong,and quick pokemon all combined.

Now my third favorite pokemon is a tie between Blazikan and Mew!

Here they are!                 (Blazikan and Mew below)                                                                                       

                                                        Blaziken picture                                                                     Mew poster


My dog looks alot like the fierce and scary Poochyena!  See the resemblence!


My mom,sis,and dad love PIKACHU THE MOST!                                Pikachu!

Now heres the names of all the Legendary POKEMON!



Arodactyl,Aggorn,Anorith,Celibi,Lugia,Altaria,Regirock,Regice,Registeel,Yanmega,Ho-oh I know that there is at least one more and Articuno!!!!  I may have

gotton it wrong!  So enough about me how about you if you e-mail me and tell me some of your favorite pokemon I might stick them on!  Please e-mail me and tell me how to make games so that I can make this website awsome!   

  If you want to, e-mail me!   You can e-mail me and we can battle with pokemon cards or bakugan!

Heres something else cool!  Go to these many other things to have even more fun!      nonameshow    Micah and Samantha     Roblox    Get your hunting tags and gear here!

Aaron'       If you need help sneaking up on or waiting for a animal heres how:Be very very very very quiet and slowly move.  When you reach a good spot stop and slowly draw your bow/get gun into place and shoot your best shot!           To wait for somthing stand perfectly still and quiet till the animal is in range or close enough then slowly draw your bow/get gun into place and fire your best shot!   Thats how i sneak up on or wait for my dog or sis and it works well!(I practice my stalking/tracking on them!)       Thats my website!