PLUNGE - A waterfall that drops vertically and loses contact with the bedrock.  (i.e. Franklin Falls)

HORSETAIL - A waterfall that drops at such an angle that it maintains almost constant contact with the bedrock throughout the drop.  (i.e. Jackson Falls)

PUNCHBOWL - Water is forced through a small opening before launching outwards and into a pool of water.  (i.e. North Fork Falls)

SEGMENTED - A waterfall in which the creek is split into two or more channels of water.  (i.e. Rustic Falls)

FAN - A waterfall that spreads out as it drops down the surface of the bedrock.  (i.e. Clean Sweep Falls)

BLOCK - A waterfall that is wider than it is tall.  (i.e. Paradise Falls)

CURTAIN - A waterfall that is taller than it is wide, but still spreads out over a long distance.  (i.e. Upper North Falls)

CASCADES - A series of small drops over the bedrock.  (i.e. Austin Creek Falls)

SLIDE - Similar to a horsetail in that the water stays in constant contact with the bedrock.  A slide differs in the angle of the slope and (usually) the width/height ratio of the falls.  (i.e. Lower North Falls)

TIERED - A waterfall with multiple drops.  A tiered waterfall can contain any combination of other types.  (i.e. Clayton Beach Falls)