DIRECTIONS - The easiest way to view Martha Falls is from the side of SR 706 about 1/2 a mile east of Picture Frame Falls.  Look across the valley to see the falls.  It's also possible to reach the bottom of the falls by follow the Wonderland Trail from Box Canyon.
LOCATION - Mt. Rainier National Park

TYPE - Tiered

HEIGHT - 665'

WIDTH - 15'

RATING - drop.jpg (2030 bytes)drop.jpg (2030 bytes)drop.jpg (2030 bytes)drop.jpg (2030 bytes)drop.jpg (2030 bytes)

TYPE OF APPROACH - Roadside or Trail

DIFFICULTY - Very Easy or Medium

NEARBY WATERFALLS - Christine Falls, Cougar Falls, Edith Gorge Falls, Fairy Falls, Falls Creek Falls, Myrtle Falls, Narada Falls, Picture Frame Falls, Ruby Falls, Silver Falls, Sluiskan Falls, Upper Sunbeam Falls, Washington Cascades Martha Falls is one of the best falls in Mt. Rainier that can be easily viewed.  Unicorn Creek drops over 600' in a series of drop highlighted by a 125' tall fan shaped drop near the top and the final 150' plunge into Stevens Canyon.  There isn't really anywhere to see the entire falls clearly, but the view from the side of the road is pretty nice by itself.