DIRECTIONS - From I-5 in Salem, drive east on Highway 22 for 5 miles to Highway 214.  Turn onto 214 and follow the signs to Silver Falls State Park.  Park at the North Falls Trailhead and follow the trail for a couple hundred feet to the falls.
LOCATION - Silver Falls State Park

TYPE - Plunge

HEIGHT - 136'

WIDTH - 10'

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TYPE OF APPROACH - Roadside or Trail


NEARBY WATERFALLS - Double Falls, Drake Falls, Frenchie Falls, Lower North Falls, Lower South Falls, Middle North Falls, South Falls, Twin Falls, Upper North Falls, Winter Falls If I had to pick a favorite falls at Silver Falls State Park, I would have a hard time deciding between South Falls at this one.  The North Fork of Silver Creek drops 136' into an amphitheater with a huge cave behind the falls.  There are a ton of different vantage points of the falls including one from across the valley right next to the road.  During high water, the falls become segmented with a smaller righthand plunge on the falls as well.

The kids look out at North Falls

The kids take a break in the huge alcove behind the falls