DIRECTIONS - Follow the directions to Hard Scrabble Falls.  Once you get to the lower falls, climb a rope up the left side of the creek and find a rough trail that leads to other ropes up the hillside.  Eventually you'll get to the viewpoint.

Alternately you can turn onto Strand Road a couple miles south of Van Zandt and see the falls across the valley from there.

LOCATION - Acme/Van Zandt area, Whatcom County
TYPE - Tiered
HEIGHT/WIDTH - 175'/15'
APPROACH - Trail (Short but Difficult)

I'm not sure how I missed it, but there is a trail on the lefthand side of the creek that heads up above Hard Scrabble Falls to this beauty.  The total height of the upper falls is around 150-175' tall in three tiers.  When looking at the falls it is very easy to believe you're somewhere in the Sierra Nevadas or some other high mountain range.  Like the lower falls, this one loses a lot of its water during the dry season, but if you can catch it during the wet season it's unbelievable.

Top tier of Upper Hard Scrabble Falls

The view of the falls from Strand Road