DIRECTIONS - Follow the directions to Hard Scrabble Falls.  At the base of the lower tier of the falls, you can see a small stream running into Hard Scrabble Creek from the left (when facing the falls).  Follow this little stream up around 200' to the falls.
LOCATION - Van Zandt Area

TYPE - Curtain

HEIGHT - 25'

WIDTH - 10'

RATING - drop.jpg (2030 bytes)

TYPE OF APPROACH - Trail + Bushwhack

DIFFICULTY - Fairly Easy

NEARBY WATERFALLS - Hard Scrabble Falls, Sygitowicz Falls Normally, this small stream has very little water so this waterfall isn't very impressive.  However, when the creeks are high, this is a very pretty little waterfall.  It drops about 25' over a series of steps in the bedrock before the creek continues on to join Hard Scrabble Creek.  There is a larger, upper tier about 200' upstream that I didn't investigate fully.  I'll probably do that in the next couple of weeks.  The upper tier looked like a plunge of around 60' and I would imagine there is more above that.  I named the falls South Scrabble Falls because it is just south of Hard Scrabble.  I'm not real fond of the name so if anyone can come up with something better, I'm all ears.