DIRECTIONS - Follow the directions to Suiattle Falls.  About 100' west/left of the creek, head into the woods.  Within a few hundred feet you should pick up a small trail in the woods.   Follow this trail very steeply up the hillside for around 1/3 of a mile to the falls.  About halfway up a short spur trail leads along the side of the cliff to a nice view of the falls.  Continue along the trail and you can reach the base of the falls or even climb up the rocks behind the falls.
LOCATION - Suiattle River Road

TYPE - Plunge

HEIGHT - 225'

WIDTH - 5'

RATING - drop.jpg (2030 bytes)drop.jpg (2030 bytes)drop.jpg (2030 bytes)


DIFFICULTY - Difficult

NEARBY WATERFALLS - Huckleberry Falls, Suiattle Falls, Teepee Falls, Uproot Falls The creek that contains Suiattle Falls and Upper Suiattle Falls is essentially one very tall waterfall containing numerous drops along the way.   The upper falls can be seen from the road.  Behind the falls we found a few buckets full of climbing gear as well as a small firepit so it appears that the climbers camp behind the falls.  If you visit the falls please leave this stuff alone.   Keep in mind the guys who left this stuff are the same people who built the trail that makes the falls access 100x easier than otherwise.  The falls plunge about 150' before hitting a dome of rock and immediately horsetailing down the mountainside.   From the spur trail we could just make out another tier above the main drop so on my next trip I will attempt to get above the main plunge to see that drop as well.

Looking up at the falls from the base

First good view of the falls from the spur trail

This sign, which hangs by the falls, appropriately describes Upper Suiattle Falls:  'SAWESOME!!!!

Pano view of the falls from the spur trail viewpoint

View up the Suiattle River Valley from the spur trail viewpoint

Me standing behind Upper Suiattle Falls

Looking down the Suiattle Valley from behind the falls.

Looking down the Suiattle River Valley

Glacier Peak from Upper Suiattle Falls