This is our list of the top 10 waterfalls in Northwest Washington.  This list is bound to change as we visit new and exciting falls, but here is the current top 10:

10.  Feature Show Falls - One of the most popular falls in the Sound for a reason.  This falls is a nice easy, one mile hike with a lovely, very unique falls at the end.

9.  North Fork Falls - Sheer power is water separates North Fork Falls from the pack.  The North Fork of the Sauk river is squeezed into a small channel and shot out into a big pool at the bottom.  The resulting spray soaks everything around.

8.  Anderson Falls - A gorgeous location and the only falls in Washington that I know of that you can walk behind.  It's tough to get to, but worth the effort.

7.  Upper Hard Scrabble Falls - This is a really nice series of 3 drops down a huge cliff face.  The "trail" also just happens to be the perfect viewing place for the falls.  Add in the fact that you have to walk right past a really nice lower falls on the way and you see why this one's in our top 10.

6.  Marietta Falls - Without a doubt the best falls in the Skagit Valley, Marietta Falls is a rare NW Washington plunge falls, dropping 100' straight down before running through a pile of huge boulders.  The lovely green all around the canyon only adds to the falls beauty.

5.  Lava Divide Falls - One of the most difficult falls to get to, but worth every scrape and bruise it takes.  While the view from the bottom is only about half of the falls' total height, it's plenty to demand a return trip.  Bring a lunch and sit on the mossy viewing rock at the bottom of the falls.

4.  Deadhorse Falls - The epitome of Washington waterfalls.  When I think of falls in Washington state I think of huge granite cliffs, steeply walled canyons, and raging water.   That's just what you get at Deadhorse Falls.

3.  Sholes Creek Falls - One of the toughest falls to get to is also one of the best.  Views of the falls can be had from further away, but it isn't until you're right at the base that the majestic power of Sholes Creek Falls can be felt.  The fact that few people have ever seen it only adds to the allure.

2.  Wallace Falls - This is one of the most visited falls in the Sound and well worth the credit it receives.  The Wallace River contains several falls along its route, but the middle falls is the one that really stands out at over 300' tall.

1.  Bald Mountain Falls - The lefthand side of Bald Mountain Falls would be a top 3 falls by itself.  Add in the separate 200' tall righthand side and this is our easy #1 pick as the best falls in NW Washington.  Surrounded by green moss and trees and grey rocks, the falls drop majestically down from Bald Mountain on their way to Canyon Creek.